My interest and skill for photography was born initially out of necessity during my career as a professional skateboard racer. Producing photos and videos to be featured in print media or on digital outlets helped me gain incentives from my sponsors, and in turn allowed me to increase my travel and competition tempo. Since my competitive retirement in 2014, photography has become my primary creative outlet. I enjoy taking imperfect portraits, especially crying children. No subjects, especially children, were harmed or intentionally antagonized in the making of this portfolio. 
Long Treks on Skate Decks
2011 + 2013 IDSA Champ 
Dad supreme
World Record holder
Plant eater
Other things
Self Portraits:
Waiting for the washroom
I don't always take self portraits...
Dr. Apartment
I looked into the mirror and what did I see? I saw Paul, and Paul saw me. He stands there staring, watching, so carelessly free. I see Paul, and Paul sees me. There's a twitch in his brow, his mustache peals, it was something I saw but i know he could feel. He questioned who I was and if I was real, my stomach turned and I could taste my last meal. My skin turned pale and felt as cold as steel.
Lifestyle = A well dressed hanging somewhere sketchy pretending it's normal
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