An athlete showcase for the Calgary based youth athletic development Centre The Jungle

Videographer, Editor

Due to the University of Calgary's COVID-19 outbreak campus closure, I have been aiding professors put their course content online with video recording, and editing. 

This example of these academic videos includes a motion graphic Walking Dead parody I made for one of the lecture intros using photos I took for the project.

To see more Motion Graphic work of mine click here

A YouTube advertisement I made for IRONLACE using stock footage. And a voice recording from Jordon Navratil


An athlete showcase for the Calgary based youth athletic development center The Jungle

Videographer, Editor

Dead for the last time, 2012

Co-Director, Lead talent, 2nd camera, focus puller

Nightingale Dancers Retro Promo, 2019

Director, Camera Operator, Editor

Long Treks on Skate Decks, 2009

This video was featured by YouTube on their curated front page, before front page videos were selected by their algorithm.

Lead Camera Operator

Long Treks on Skate Decks, 2011

Lead Camera Operator

Long Treks, Season 2, Ep 4, 2011

One of the best examples of this series. Lead camera operator

Here is a cartoon I made for a university course on elections. I made a few other animations for this course Themed around how leaders influence elections, how leaders influence elections and the personification of politics.

To see these other Motion Graphic shorts click here​​​​​​​

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